Service Technician

March 13, 2021

Air Duct Service Technician
Chi Air Duct is seeking an experienced air duct service professional.


Cleaning air handling systems and reheat coils, controlling and calibrating air handling systems, and replacing filters, engines, fans, belts, and other parts of systems are all examples of preventive maintenance. Vents and ductwork are repaired, replaced, and adjusted. Air ducts should be washed to increase productivity and enhance indoor air quality. Assists the customer in identifying and diagnosing issues, evaluating the nature of repairs, and explaining solutions and related costs. Provides a description of diagnosed problems to the customer in as simple a language as possible, with options. Assists with full system maintenance, such as fixing, calibrating, or installing sensors, switches, thermostats, transformers, gauges, wiring fans, motors, compressors, condensers, piping, and other system usable components.

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Ryan M.

Air Duct Installation Technician Installer

April 12, 2021

Air Duct Installation Technician Installer 
Chi Air Duct is seeking an experienced air duct installation professional.

Responsibilities:We're looking for an HVAC Installer with a good mindset who sees problems as opportunities to become a hero. If you see problems as opportunities to become a hero, we'll help you realize your full potential. Before you think this is too good to be true, know that doing the right thing and delivering moral and ethical service to our clients is woven into the fabric of our business.

• Replace, adjust, and/or add warm air furnaces, air conditioners, duct delivery systems, boilers, water heaters, and associated piping and electrical systems to meet or exceed manufacturer's recommendations and local codes.
• Willing to start up newly built equipment and make modifications in compliance with the manufacturer's and work requirements.
• Able to troubleshoot, adjust, and resolve/repair any problems that occur during an installation and prevent the equipment from working properly.
• Communicate with the customer about the proper functioning of the installed equipment and the owner's maintenance. Answer the homeowner's questions about service, features, and functions.
• Complete all necessary paperwork, including a complete setup log, for each installation. Collect payments as instructed and make the client sign appropriate paperwork.


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227 Marion Street, Columbia, SC 2921