Ultraviolet Light

Installing UV lights (ultraviolet light) inside air conditioning air handlers is becoming increasingly common among AC repair technicians. The UV Light is extremely efficient at minimizing mold within the air conditioning air handler since it is always on. Mold would be destroyed if it is in direct line of sight of the UV bulb. The UV Light is efficient in keeping the air conditioner coil mold-free. The UV Bulb greatly increases the air quality for air conditioner owners with respiratory illnesses. Within the ac air handler, UV lights kill bacteria and prevent fungal growth. A UV Light increases the protection against indoor airborne allergens when used with a good media filter. Biological pollutants that develop on your air conditioner coil can be blown into your home's air ducts and spaces. These pollutants are destroyed by UV light before they can be blown into the air ducts. UV lights are a powerful tool for preventing microbial growth at its source.

UV lights for ac will increase the quality of your indoor air and make it easier to breathe. A UV Light system can be mounted in your air handler by Chi Air Duct Chicago. Promotional deals for AC UV Light can be found on our Special Offers Page.

Stop mold and bacteria in their tracks at the source. Stop cold and flu viruses from recirculating through the air ducts. Reduce odors and odors in the house. VOCs are filtered. Prevents algae growth, which can clog condensation drain lines, which is particularly effective in the humid Florida environment. Cleans the ac coil, increasing cooling efficiency and lowering electrical costs.
Harsh chemicals Spores of mold Cooking Smell Odors Viruses and Germs Pet Odors Tobacco Smoke
The purification of indoor air will help people with allergies or asthma. Some UV lights contain activated carbon, which filters out pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other odors that irritate asthma and allergy sufferers. As a result, some premium AC lights destroy microbial growth on the ac coil while also eliminating typical indoor air pollutants.