As one of the best dryer duct cleaning and air duct cleaning companies in Chicago, we start by measuring the airflow and temperature at a dryer outlet, which will be noted for future reference. This is something we do at the start and end of our tour. This gives us the benefits of the cleaning while also developing a partnership with your unique system and its day-to-day operations and capacity. We'll start monitoring your device in our reports, and we'll have reliable notes to compare it to itself at future visits to see if it needs cleaning. After disconnecting the duct from your dryer, we begin our dryer duct cleaning process with the visible duct. If we have access to both, we will thoroughly clean the whole duct as well as the entry and exit points. Following the visible duct, we will use special tools to clean any lint accumulation that might occur deep inside the ductwork. Since it is concealed from view, it poses an unknown danger. The aim of this cleaning is to eliminate any particles or buildup that is stopping air from flowing freely through the dryer's ductwork. These particles can cause excessive heat in your dryer, which can damage your clothes as well as start dangerous fires. To remove any loose or stuck particles, we scrub with a spinning brush and a strong vacuum. The spinning brush scrapes buildup off the inside walls of the dryer duct as the vacuum pushes them out, leaving an open airway. Our technician can use his experience and skills to thoroughly clean even the most difficult-to-reach areas. He'll be cleaning the ductwork in your dryer, which can reach up to 40 feet!