Help! My allergies are out of control.

Air duct cleaning is a cost-effective way to keep toxins out of the air, and it's available for both residential and commercial assets. Contact Chi Air Duct right away. Did you know that dust, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, and thousands of other microorganisms live in your air ducts? If you have undiagnosed allergies or respiratory issues, removing dust particles, pollen, mold, and other debris from the air in your home or business may be the solution. Is there a connection between your sneezing and the air ducts in your home? It wouldn't be the first time that clogged ducts were found to be the cause of air conditioning allergies. Let's take a look at the connection between your allergies and duct cleaning.

Is it true that cleaning your air ducts will help you get rid of allergies? Think about it.

When you blow dust off an object, what happens? Frequently, the dust in the air blows back at you. What follows is a sneezing fit for allergy sufferers. You get airborne dust and dust mites in your home as your air duct systems blasts air through dust-coated ducts. Pet dander, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores are also present. Cleaning ducts of dust, allergens, and other pollutants can also increase air quality and reduce allergy symptoms. Bad air quality in your home or place of business can cause a slew of health problems. Is someone feeling pain in their eyes, ears, or throat? Do you have a lot of coughing and sneezing? What about headaches and vertigo? Dirty ducts, on the other hand, will make your tenants sick.

As dust particles spew from our air ducts, it's difficult to keep our homes dust-free. These particles settle easily on surfaces. Allergy sufferers face a serious issue with pollen.
It follows you around in your clothes and shoes. It enters your home through windows and doors that are left open. It's the enemy of another allergy sufferer, and your air duct system disperses it across your room.
We enjoy our pets, but not everyone thinks the same way. In the United States, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that 3 out of 10 individuals are allergic to cats and dogs. Dander could be creeping around your home thanks to your ductwork.
If you think you're protected from outdoor pollution once you close your door, you're wrong. Pollutants find their way into your house. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is at least 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air!
Most of us don't give VOCs much consideration. They are, though, everywhere around us. VOCs are toxic gases produced by daily household products. VOCs are created by cleaning fluids and even printers. These VOCs are circulated through your ducts by your air duct system.
Mold and mildew can grow in your ducts due to moisture. If your ducts are moldy, duct cleaning is needed when researching allergies and duct cleaning. Mold is to blame for a slew of allergy symptoms.
Bacteria can invade your air duct system and spread through your indoor space through air ducts, making people sick. In the worst-case scenario, you could develop Sick Building Syndrome.
There is mounting evidence that virus's can remain airborne for hours or longer in some circumstances. Some particles can persist long enough in the air to find their way into your air duct system and into your ducts.